Plan Your Trip

Welcome to your home deep in the heart of the country’s premier motorsports and entertainment facility. COTA RV Park is a full-service RV park located on the fastest straight at Circuit of The Americas, just steps away from the asphalt. Open year-round!

We want all of our COTA RV Park guests to have the best time when they are with us. In order to provide guests with the best experience possible, we have assembled a list of guidelines. These guidelines are not comprehensive. We ask guests to check the manual they receive upon arrival for the complete list.

As you plan your trip, feel free to reach out to our team of dedicated campground managers. We’d be happy to do what we can to make your stay with us more memorable.

Hours & Contact Information

Front Desk: 9:00am – 5:00pm
Quiet Hours: 10:00pm – 7:00am
Check Out: 12:00 noon

Phone: (512) 655-6226
Email: [email protected]


The Office will accept UPS & FedEx packages for registered guests. Personal mail delivery requires you to obtain your own local United States Post Office box. Guests may not use the property address as their residence address.

Paddock Office address:
Circuit of The Americas Reception
9201 COTA Blvd.
Austin, TX 78617
Attn: (your name and RV site number)

Recreational Vehicles

  • No more than one RV may be parked on a site.
  • The RV must be well-maintained and in excellent overall condition. No RVs older than 10 years are permitted, unless approved by management.
  • Sewer hoses on extended stay RVs should be raised off the ground to aid with site landscaping and to help protect your hose.
  • Only commercially made tire and wheel covers are allowed.
  • Washing your RV in the park is not permitted.
  • Promoting the sale of your RV within the RV park is not permitted.
  • The concrete pad is for parking your RV. Parking of tow and personal vehicles is permitted in the lane area immediately behind your site. You do not need to park on the pavers.
  • The power pedestal for each site is the one located directly adjacent to the concrete pad.

Personal Vehicles

  • Vehicles must be well maintained (no oil leaks) and operated in a safe manner. Maximum speed is 7 MPH.
  • No repairs or maintenance may be done in the campground, except by approved campground mobile services.
  • No washing of cars/trucks in the campground.
  • No more than two personal vehicles allowed on a site. Management must approve any additional vehicle.
  • Vehicles are to be parked only in the space intended. The common areas are not for parking.
  • Please do not park in an empty site or on the roadway.
  • Drive only on the roadways and not through an empty site.
  • No long-term parking in visitor spaces, unless approved by management.
  • All vehicular noise is to be kept to a minimum. Please be mindful of your neighbors when warming your diesel engines, they can be very loud. If this becomes an issue, you will need to warm your engine by the campground exit.
  • Recreational use of motorized bikes, motorcycles or ATV’s within the campground is not permitted.

Sites, Grounds & Facilities

  • Sites must be clean and free of debris. Hosing down of sites is not allowed and requires management permission. Trash receptacles are located along the driveway for your convenience.
  • Only outdoor or patio furniture and items intended for outside use are allowed and must be kept to a minimum. Indoor furniture such as couches, recliners, and end tables are not permitted.
  • Clutter and eyesores such as boxes, tools, wood, empty flowerpots, etc. are not permitted.
  • The following are not allowed on sites (including under the RV):
    • No Boats, Cargo, or other trailers are permitted onsite unless approved by management.
    • No sleeping in personal vehicles, sheds, or anywhere outside of your RV.
    • Open campfires are not allowed, and fire rings must be off the ground.


  • Baby sitting on a regular basis is not permitted.
  • Subletting or timesharing is not permitted.
  • Children 14 or younger must be supervised at all times.