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February 16, 2024

What Your Favorite COTA Turn Says About You

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Turn 1: Big Red

You’re the star of the show – what the people came for! COTA’s famous 134-foot incline off the starting grid not only provides the most exciting start to all races at The Circuit. A tight left-handed turn, Big Red has witnessed many overtaking moments in its history. Turn 1 gets its name from initial COTA investor Red McCombs – and its elevation provides incredible views for spectators.  

Turn 3-5: Esses

You’re an F1 purist and all about the action. COTA’s esses are inspired by Turns 10-14 at Silverstone in the United Kingdom and built for the love of racing. Left at Turn 3, right at Turn 4, left at Turn 5, and right at Turn 6 – sounds simple enough, but this famous sequence begins in sixth gear and takes about seven seconds total to complete during the USGP – pushing drivers and cars to their limits.

Turn 11: Bobby Pin

You’re dedicated and here to stay. COTA’s famous hairpin at Turn 11 is named after The Circuit’s Chairman Bobby Epstein and is now home to T11 Car Condos. T11 Car Condos will be a unique opportunity to house your vehicles in style while enjoying unparalleled access to a world-class destination for motorsports and entertainment.  The amenities at T11 will make it hard to leave – including discounted tickets, a pool, outdoor member’s lounge, and more -all within view of the best racing in the country. Learn more by visiting the T11 Car Condos website.

Turn 12

You’re here for a great show. After drivers accelerate out of the Turn 11 hairpin, they reach up to 214 mph on the .63 mile back straight before entering Turn 12. One of the best places to watch the race, Turn 12 has been a fan favorite since COTA’s inaugural race in 2012. The stands at Turn 12 provide great views of the overtakes into Turn 12 as well as the majority of the 3.41-mile Circuit. COTA’s Grand Plaza, with plenty of activations and excitement all race weekend long, is only a short 5-minute walk from Turn 12.

Turn 20: “The Andretti”

You’re a winner. COTA’s twentieth and final turn is always nail-biting as drivers have a short distance to the finish line. COTA christened Turn 20 “The Andretti” in 2022 to honor champion Mario Andretti in celebration of the 10 years since the COTA ambassador drove the track’s first-ever lap.

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