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January 26, 2024

5 Fun Facts About Super Lap Battle at Circuit of The Americas

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Super Lap Battle at Circuit of the Americas is a premier time attack contest at the country’s only permanent and purpose-built Formula 1 racetrack. Get excited for Super Lap Battle to return to Central Texas March 9-10 by learning more about what makes the weekend special below. 

1. The Format

Super Lap Battle is a competitive format focused on individual lap times rather than wheel-to-wheel racing.  Both driver skill and machine performance are pushed to their limits, creating an electrifying showcase of speed and agility

2. Clocking The Circuit

From the iconic uphill climb of Turn 1 to the hairpin twists of the Esses, every corner at COTA demands precision and finesse. Super Lap Battle transforms this world-class circuit into a battleground where drivers compete to shave milliseconds off their lap times.

3. Top-Tier Technology

From finely-tuned street cars to purpose-built track machines, competitors at Super Lap Battle showcase a diverse range of makes and models. Whether it’s aerodynamic enhancements, suspension tuning, or engine modifications, every detail is scrutinized to chase the fastest lap time.

4. All in the Details

At Super Lap Battle, every fraction of a second counts. Unlike traditional racing formats, where competitors jostle for position, time attack events focus solely on achieving the fastest lap time. With each lap serving as a relentless pursuit of improvement for every driver, the margins between victory and defeat become razor thin. Split-second decisions separate champions from contenders.

5. Fun for the Whole Family

The diverse contenders at Super Lap Battle span seasoned veterans to newcomers, all sharing a passion for motorsports. Whether you’re a die-hard fan or a first-time spectator, Super Lap Battle has thrills for everyone. Mark your calendar and get your tickets here!

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