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January 19, 2024

5 Things to Know: COTA Karting

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Opened in 2017, COTA Karting lays just beside Lot A at Circuit of The Americas. With 15 turns, two straight-aways, and plenty of technical sections, COTA Karting delivers an unmissable racing experience. Explore the Karting website and book online to get behind the wheel in 2024! 

1. Join the COTA Karting Spring League for frequent drivers.

Every current Formula 1 driver started in karts! Join the COTA Karting Spring League for a weekly challenge against other local drivers. Take part in Grand Prix showdowns and podium celebrations and leave your mark on the COTA Karting leaderboards. 

2. Experience the Soarin’ Eagle zipline for just $5 when you book a race.

No time for rides during the Green Day concert or Formula 1 United States Grand Prix? Hit up the Soarin’ Eagle zipline to get that extra adrenaline boost! After you’ve set your best lap time around COTA Karting’s 15 turns, fly above the Paddock for the best view of the only permanent, purpose-built Formula 1 track in America. With events, track rentals, and cool happenings all year-round, you never know what you’ll see up there. 

3. COTA Karting also has Kiddie Karting for racers under 12 years old.

The driver’s wheel isn’t just for the big kids! Recently opened, Kiddie Karting offers junior races to drivers aged 5-12 years old and at least 36 inches tall. Young karters will take on a custom, age-appropriate course aboard electric karts for five-minute races. Call the Karting Team or visit them in-store to coordinate adult and junior races so no one misses out! 

4. Get to the COTA Karting Store at LEAST 15 minutes early.

Arriving early guarantees you all the time you need to check-in, get fit for safety equipment, learn about track rules, and grab pre-race pics. Be sure to wear closed-toed shoes or you will not be getting behind the wheel. Get there early and, after you’ve been given the “all clear,” peek at the race running before yours to get familiar with the track! 

5. Host your next private event at COTA Karting.

Supported by a dedicated events team, host corporate get-togethers, birthday parties, bridal or bachelor parties, and other private races at COTA Karting or Kiddie Karting in 2024. Unforgettable and competitive, private racing is available by the hour and can include party space, food and drink, and more. Start the New Year off with some speed! 

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