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January 17, 2024

The COTA Tower’s 2024 New Year’s Resolutions

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Last year brought Austin’s most memorable events to Circuit of The Americas and the 251-foot COTA Tower was at the center of them all. Now that it’s 2024, the Tower is ready to make some New Year’s resolutions. 

1. Upgrade My Fitness Routine  

I get it, I’m a tall and lanky guy. Some of you might even think this is all natural. While my genes may make things a bit easier, I’ve resolved that this year is the year I become just like those bike riders at Bike Night. Man, I see those athletes take on COTA’s purpose-driven racetrack, peddling up Turn 1 like it’s nothing! This year, I’m not just going to stand here and watch. I want a piece of the action! 
2. Host a party with a VIP list 

One of my favorite parts of being the COTA Tower is getting to meet all the awesome people that check out the views of the Texas Hill Country from my Observation Deck. Over the years, I’ve met motorsports drivers, professional athletes, local shop owners, parents from around the world and their really cool kids. This year, I want anyone who checks out the view to have an even more excellent experience by hosting their own VIP party! Think about it: catering, a private bar, and a dream guest list while enjoying 360-degree views that include the Austin skyline and the Del Valle countryside. Face it: I’m the spot for the best VIP party in ATX.  
3. Relive the 80’s 

I can’t wait to get my 80’s on when New Kids on the Block hit the GIA stage on July 12. I may have been built in 2012, but I’ve seen pictures of the volumized hair and neon fits, and I want a big slice of that iconic pie. I also lit up when I heard Paula Abdul and DJ Jazzy Jeff will open for them. Talk about star power! I’ll make my way into the 90’s, too, with Green Day and Third Eye Blind, but for now? Hand me the hair spray. 

Tickets are on sale now here. Hopefully, I see you there!  

4. Practice my Spanish

On March 2, some of the best Spanish-language music groups will descend on the COTA campus for an epic day-long festival. I can’t wait to catch Norteño icons Los Tigres Del Norte perform their singular El Ultimo Adios and Rio Grande Valley Regional Mexican band Grupo Frontera, fresh off their collaborations with Bad Bunny and Peso Pluma. After Peso Pluma stopped by GIA last year and I saw how much fun everyone was having, I knew I needed to brush up on my Spanish before Besame Mucho.  

5. Rock Out  

You might be like, COTA Tower, you’ve already talked about your love for 80’s and Latin music, what do you mean you also want to rock out? Well, I want to tell you: I wanna rock! This year, I am so stoked to get the chance to catch bands like Green Day, Thirty Seconds to Mars, and King Gizzard and the Lizard Wizard headline GIA. Rock crowds never disappoint. The energy is so infectious, especially when the crowd sings along. It just lights me up! Rock on, man! 

6. Travel 

People from around the world travel to COTA each year, but I haven’t ever left my home here in Del Valle. I’m just a small-town Texan Tower who meets fascinating people from all walks of life, different cultures and backgrounds every day. I’m the luckiest tower in the world! But, I’ve always wanted to see those places that all the travelers come from, learn the languages that they speak. This year, the COTA merch team came up with a great way for me to finally see the sights. At COTA Karting, you can buy a small version of me in brick kit form and take me anywhere you go. If you do, take a picture and tag @COTA_Official on Instagram. I’d love to show off all the places I go in 2024! 

7. Find Love 

It sounds so simple. There’s a lot of great towers in the world, but it’s hard for a tower like me to get out there. You know? The Tower of the Americas in San Antonio, she makes great food, and the Reunion Tower in Dallas has a really cool GeO-Deck. The UT Tower? Man, she’s like my sister! I’m just a young guy who’s tired of dating apps and wants to find something real. This year, it’s going to happen. I’ve been brushing up on my French in hopes of meeting my dream girl. Her name is Eiffel.  
8. Meditate 

Last year, I learned that Formula 1 drivers, MotoGP riders, and all other kinds of motorsports athletes will use meditation to mentally prepare for races. Over the last 12 years, I’ve seen drivers and riders from all over the world take on The Circuit, and they always motivate me to train to be my best. Plus, meditation seems simple: close your eyes, take a deep breath, and stay still. I don’t think I’ll have any trouble with the last one. 

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