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September 18, 2023

Cyclists, Assemble! Meet the Contenders at Bike Night

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Strap on your helmets and get ready to pedal into adventure at Bike Night Presented by Ascension Seton. For two more Tuesdays in 2023, cyclists of all levels of expertise can challenge the one and only permanent, purpose-built Formula 1 track in the United States.  


Josue after cycling a couple of laps on The Circuit.

After attending five F1 races at COTA, Josue knew that he had to find a way to explore the 3.41-mile circuit himself. When he found out about Bike Night, he went from cheering in the Main Grandstand to pedaling up the iconic Big Red hill. 

“I have been to COTA before as a spectator and I never thought that I’d be able to get on the track and see it from this perspective,” said Josue on Tuesday, June 13, his third Bike Night.  

While the 133-foot elevation change was intimidating for many, Josue was determined to push through and make the best of his time on the track. 

“Turn 1 is challenging, but it has to be my favorite part of the track since it really pushes you to your limits.” 


Veronica posing in front of the Bike Night photo op before heading to the track.

Veronica was convinced by her friend to gear up and pedal away at COTA on Tuesday, May 30.  

“I am excited to be on such a legendary circuit,” she said, “I am not from Austin, but I keep hearing about how this track is a big deal and I wanted to take a look myself.” 

Veronica also shared that she has “never done anything like this before” and enjoys outdoor and indoor cycling. She also has her mind set on participating in a triathlon in the near future, so cycling The Circuit is ideal for her training.


Gonzalo ready to attack the track.

Though he considers himself more of a recreational rider, Gonzalo took on Bike Night for the first time Tuesday, May 16.  

“First time tackling a track like this, and I’ve cycled in the past with friends, but that’s about it on my cycling experience,” he revealed. 

Gonzalo is currently training for the Ascension Seton Austin Half Marathon, so he took the opportunity to take his training to COTA. 


Season pass holders, Tim and Christina, ready for another night at COTA.

This couple has been attending Bike Nights for five years! Every year, they make sure to get their Season Pass, which guarantees them at least ten rides on the track.  

“Everything about COTA is a cyclist’s dream,” said Tim when asked what brought them back year after year. “The quality of the surface is impeccable, you have turns, you have hills, and no traffic.” 

Christina added that “the service and the support from COTA is excellent” during these events.  

She also hit her all-time best at the beginning of the 2023 seasons by challenging The Circuit with ten laps. She teased Tim about him taking the overpass to avoid the iconic Turn 1. 

In Tim’s defense, for his last lap, he makes sure to tackle Big Red.  

In their free time, the couple loves going on bicycle vacations and finds COTA to be the perfect training to keep their fitness levels up. 

Join the casual riders, hardcore speedsters, and everyone in between for the last two Bike Nights Presented by Ascension Seton on September 19 and 26.

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