March 29, 2023

Checkers, Leather, and the Perfect Kicks: Loreal Sarkisian on the Best MotoGP Weekend Fits

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Between painting the walls of Loreal Sarkisian’s post-college apartments and creating clothes with the perfect fit, Loreal’s mother impressed upon her the importance of wearing what made her look and feel good. “Not necessarily keeping up with the trends or the Joneses. Stick to what works for you and what enhances you,” Loreal explained. 

Growing up with a role model who was creative in a variety of ways, from sewing to painting, set the foundation for Loreal’s knowledge and interest in fashion. The style icon of the Longhorns is thrilled to have built a career passing on her mother’s wisdom. “I was just being me. Now, I get even more excited to get dressed simply knowing that I can inspire someone to be their best self,” Loreal said.  

The first look she brought to the track is exactly that. 

Look #1 

The Breakdown: White tank, distressed denim shorts, black Biker boots, black leather jacket, bright crossbody bag 

Loreal’s Statement Pieces: GIVENCHY biker jacket in leather and CHANEL yellow leather wallet on chain 

When to wear: This look is suggested for race day or sprint race day to blend in with the riders and stand out from the crowd. 

While Givenchy has an iconic collection for those wanting to glam for MotoGP, or other world championship motorsports races, get the same effect with at-home closet staples. “A white top, denim bottom, and black pair of shoes can take you a long way, but you can make it specific to the race you’re attending,” Loreal shared. 

Look #2 

The Breakdown: Black crop top, black and white checkered pleated skirt, chunky lace-up loafers, crossbody bag in your team’s color 

Loreal’s Statement Pieces: Christian Dior checkered skirt and CHANEL royal blue handbag 

When to wear: This look is suggested for race day to celebrate the checkered flag and give off a “fighting to the finish line” vibe. 

It’s all about using color to create a statement. “Black and white can go with anything,” said Loreal. “You could wear this with a t-shirt of your favorite rider. The purse color can be your team’s color… etc.” Loreal suggests letting accessories do the talking. Whether you are hoping to rep Team Ducati or Team Red Bull, their colors shine best against a darker monochromatic or neutral background. So, layer a pop of color over some basics, and you’re set.  

Look #3 

The Breakdown: Black long sleeve body suit, split leather and acid-washed denim skirt, sneakers and a bag that matches 

Loreal’s Statement Pieces: Air Jordan 1 Mid and CHANEL quilted boy bag 

When to wear: This look is suggested for practice or the sprint race to meet fellow sneakerheads or fellow team fans. 

“This outfit is for sneakerheads,” Loreal said, a sneakerhead herself, “You can also be as feminine as you want. Change that skirt out for a pair of jeans or some shorts.” Dark acid wash and leather ties in the motorsports, leaving the shoes, bag, and accessories up to the wearer. 

Look #4 

The Breakdown: Orange tank, distressed dark denim biker shorts, black alligator heeled boots, orange and black snakeskin handbag 

Loreal’s Statement Pieces: GUCCI horsebit 1955 top handle bag and Tom Ford Croc-effect leather boots 

When to wear: Start the weekend with a Texas-sized bang! Wear for Friday practice and qualifying. 

“It’s Austin, Texas. Cowboy boots are always, always appropriate,” said Loreal. Make it racing chic with distressed jeans and a pop of color representing your favorite team. 

Loreal’s must have for any outfit? A nice, comfortable shoe. She explained, “I live between cute and comfy. People say beauty is pain and I get it, but it doesn’t have to be.” Dressing up and feeling your best is a must for any day, according to Loreal, and it doesn’t matter where you’re headed.  

While there are plenty of spectators who are motorsport fans, there is no prerequisite to enjoy an event at COTA. Make The Circuit your runway and show off your best at an experience unlike any other. 

Photography by Marcus Vargas 

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