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March 1, 2023

Play by the Rules – You'll be Wheelie Glad You Did

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Clip in and cycle The Circuit at Bike Night Presented by Ascension Seton! For your safety and the safety of others, we ask that you follow these rules of the road to have the best possible experience at The Circuit.

Stay to the Right – If you’re taking a break or just coasting down the track, prevent potential collisions and stay to the right to let others pass on the left. They’re probably competing on the Strava App with their buddies; they mean business!

Check Your Shoulders – Check the shoulder of the track, or the emergency stopping lane to the right of the racing lanes, especially when re-entering. Riders will likely be entering from the shoulders or taking a break in that area – be mindful of how close you ride to the side.

Signal When Merging – A simple wave of the hand in the direction you are going will help riders around you see when you intend to merge, pass someone, or change lanes.

Listen to the Track Marshals – Track marshals are present for riders’ safety and wellbeing! Adhere to any guidance and requests they may have – they have the riders’ best interests at heart.

Respect Fellow Riders – No foul play, or disrespectful language. Be kind to one another.

No Aggressive or Reckless Riding – Participating in aggressive or reckless riding will result in immediate suspension from the track. Cycle responsibly for your safety and the safety of others.

Wear A Helmet – Riders 18 or younger are required to wear helmets while on the track; however, we recommend that every rider wears one. Helmets are a safety precaution that every rider should take, regardless of age or experience level.

Register Beforehand – While tickets will be available at the track, we recommend reserving a spot online in advance. Adult tickets are available for $10 online and $12 in-person. Admission for children under 11 is $5.

Pedal-Powered Only – Electric bicycles, along with skateboards, electric skateboards, electric unicycles, roller blades, and roller skates are not allowed. Only pedal-powered bicycles and unicycles are allowed.

Come Early and Stay Late! – Hit the track from 6pm until dusk each Bike Night. After dark, enjoy a post-ride “party” with games and refreshments provided.

We’re wheelie happy Bike Nights have rolled around again – see you there!

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