Peppermint Parkway
December 21, 2023

Deck Your Car with Boughs of Holly: Ideas to Decorate Your Sleigh for Peppermint Parkway

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Peppermint Parkway is all about making holiday memories, whether it’s your first time or a family tradition. From COTA Karting to the COTA Tower to any of the magical experiences in Peppermint Plaza, the Parkway is a pick-your-own-adventure holiday extravaganza.  

If you’re thinking of ways to shine as bright as the holiday lights, consider some of these ideas below to deck out your car for the drive.

Deck the Hondas

Deck the Hondas with boughs of holly! Peel-and-stick your way to cheer. Holly decal kits make for a one-of-a-kind holiday decoration for your car.

The Holidays on My Mind

Twinkle bright with light up headrest covers. Adorned with a bundle of mistletoe, take that special someone to The Circuit for a date night drive. 

All In for Garland

If you’re feeling crafty, a garland is the perfect piece of festive décor to add to your car. Just be sure the garland is secure for your lap around COTA’s one-of-a-kind, purpose-built F1 track.  

Glow from Within

Adding lights to your car makes you a perfect addition to the Parkway drive. Set them to be as green as the Grinch or switch to your favorite holiday colors, and you’re ready to glow. With more than six million lights displayed over nearly a mile long drive, Peppermint Parkway is the perfect place to shine bright.  

Wreath it Like You Mean It

A simple wreath is perfect to join in on the fun. With a simple edition of battery powered lights, you could lead the Peppermint Parkway 20-turn track lap like Rudolph the wreath-nosed reindeer. 

Decorate the Driver Side

Get creative by drawing out your own holiday scene or pointing out who’s on the Naughty List with some classic car makers. Please remember, this is a family-friendly event. Refrain from anything that could take you off the Nice List.  

Wave Hello like Mr. Snow

A fun and funky way to wave “hello” to the cars behind you at Peppermint Parkway, a rear windshield wiper attachment will bring joy and laughter to all.  

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