Peppermint Parkway
November 20, 2023

COTA Pit Stops: A Sweet Scavenger Hunt

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‘Twas the night before Peppermint Parkway, and as you’re preparing to go, you see an Instagram post from @COTA_Official. On your feed, what could it be? A scavenger hunt. Something fun for you and for me?  

From Pepper and Mint, their gift to you. Some holiday cheer after the drive-thru!  

Find the five Peppermint Plaza staples below, take a selfie, and then what do you know!  You’ll win a small prize, something for free, when you show your photos at a COTA Merch Kiosk, that’s all you need!  

Tag @COTA_Official in an Instagram post and you may be included on the official Instagram in an end-of-season collage. You do not need to post on Instagram to qualify for a prize. Just show your Scavenger Hunt pics to a COTA merch kiosk attendant.  

The Infinity Gift Box

A Peppermint Parkway classic, this light up archway is an abstract take on a gift box. Step inside this portal to the Plaza for an illuminated shot! 

Pepper’s Petting Zoo

New to Peppermint Plaza this year, Pepper’s Petting Zoo will feature farm animal favorites like bunnies, ducks, chickens and even pony rides.  

Ferris Wheel

A COTA-staple, Germania Insurance Amphitheater concert goers may recognize the Ferris Wheel as a go-to amusement park ride before shows. Take a photo near the Ferris Wheel or fit the family in a cart and take a whirl! 

Twinkly Tree

Pepper and Mint picked out the perfect lights to bring this Twinkly Tree to life! Standing at 30-feet, can you fit the whole tree in your selfie? 

Peppermint Princess or Buddy the Elf

These two sweet mascots of Peppermint Parkway will be roaming the grounds all season long. Snag a pic with the Peppermint Princess or Buddy the Elf to complete this part of the challenge. 

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