October 2, 2023

Geared Up: The Ultimate Style Guide for USGP Fans

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Move over, Met Gala – the Formula 1 United States Grand Prix is now the place to be to see some of the best outfits of the year for celebrities, drivers and, of course, race fans. As you’re planning your outfit for the F1 USGP in Austin, here’s some inspiration to get your gear(s) going.  

Lewis Hamiton Look-Alike

Lewis Hamilton has become synonymous with iconic style as much as he is connected to F1. The Mercedes AMG Petronas F1 Team driver is one of the best dressed in the paddock. With celebrity stylist Eric McNeal behind the wheel of Hamilton’s wardrobe, it’s no surprise that a gorgeous USGP fit can take inspiration from this fashion great. Hamilton is known for a solid silhouette and adding playful pops of color to his wardrobe. Throw on a statement baggy pant, get bold in a matching set, and add in a Y2K accessory to add some energy to your ensemble.  

COTA Cowboy

Whether you were born a cowboy, or wish you were, the USGP at COTA is the perfect place to bring out your best Wild West aesthetic. The epitome of the COTA Cowboy is comfort, style, and locally made goods. This Texan is no stranger to South Congress’s Stag Provisions or Allen’s Boots. This cowboy even makes sure their hat is from a Texas-based brand.   

COTA Cowgirl

What makes visiting Austin more fun than dressing the part? When in Texas, do as the Texans do. COTA Cowgirls talk style like a pistol whip and strut into the USGP like it’s the Houston Rodeo. A statement pair of Allen’s’ Boots paired with a fringe jacket of your choice, a well-fitted pair of jeans, and a fun cowgirl hat is the perfect way to show that you mean business. There’s no horsing around when it comes to the USGP, and a COTA Cowgirl knows it.  

Keep Austin Weird

Before Austin became the Texas tech capital, it was weird. For some it still is. The most important aspect of weirdness is self-expression, whether it’s mixing comfort and function with a great pair of Moab 3 Mid hiking boots to walk the COTA grounds or a Longhorns Microfleece to keep you warm in the October morning chill. Add in your favorite fun shirt and a statement hat and you’re ready to rock. Keeping it weird doesn’t mean being out there, it means just doin’ you.  

In Case You Meet Daniel Ricciardo

Austin loves Daniel Ricciardo and Daniel Ricciardo loves Austin. The (unofficial) Longhorn is no stranger to making a statement. Last year, he rode into the USGP on a horse called “Horsey McHorseface” (who even had his own paddock pass) and donned a Cowboy-inspired outfit complete with baggy leather American flag jacket, bolo tie, and cowboy boots. The most important part of a Ricciardo fit, though? His megawatt smile. If Ricciardo is your F1 crush, keep your outfit flirty and fun. Maybe even check out Ricciardo’s brands Ric3 or Enchanté. Playfulness is the key to beaming like this Aussie.  

Moto Longhorns

If driving were an NCAA sport, the Longhorns would be winning. Luckily, with the USGP in Austin, UT fans are not far away from enjoying the most exciting event in racing. What’s even better, you don’t have to get a whole new wardrobe to show off your Texas pride. Burnt orange is a staple on the COTA track and there’s no place better to rep UT— just ask Daniel Ricciardo.  

Tyre Warmers

It’s not usually cold at F1, but if you know Central Texas, you’ll know about the chilly mornings during the USGP weekend. October in Texas is the perfect time to pack a fun jacket in case you need one. Luckily, F1 has made its way into many of the most stylish (and affordable) retailers. If you want a more classic look, check out the F1 or COTA stores for a great race-oriented jacket.  

The Ultimate COTA Fan

You know these grounds like a driver knows the circuit. You’ve gone home with the newest and best COTA merch from each event over the years. It’s no surprise that you were first to rock the new COTA racer socks or that you bought not just your own koozie but one for everyone in your friend group. Paired with comfy, functional shoes and a great pair of jeans, The Ultimate COTA Fan isn’t afraid to show off their merch collection at the USGP. If you need to stock up on COTA merch, check out our storefront at

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