August 17, 2022

COTA Unveils Spectacular New Grandstand Seats for Formula 1 Aramco United States Grand Prix

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Austin, TX – For the first time ever, Circuit of The Americas (COTA) has created an infield viewing grandstand for the Formula 1 Aramco United States Grand Prix (USGP) coming to Austin this October. This year’s race will be the 10th USGP to be held at COTA and marks COTA’s 10th birthday. With so much to celebrate, a brand-new grandstand at the infield of The Circuit is just one of COTA’s plans to make this year’s festival-like event bigger and better than ever. 

Located just after the famed esses or “S-Curves” of Turns 3-5, the new grandstand gives fans a head-on view of the cars, just before they head uphill through Turns 6-8. For the ultimate racing fan, these new seats represent not only some of the nearest-to-the-action views, but also the rare opportunity to witness countless epic moments of the race from one spot. This grandstand builds upon COTA’s unique and purpose-built design, which allows some guests to see as many as 8 turns from one seat. 

“After years of ambition, this incredible location, something we’ve always hoped to add, is finally a reality,” said Chairman Bobby Epstein. “It is one of several new fan-focused improvements, along with a new five lane road, 200 more front gate buses, 5 new shade tents, and a new “quick serve” menu. This grandstand allows us to open an entirely new part of the campus to programming and enhanced offerings.” 

Seated at the heart of COTA, the new infield grandstand will be a central location with premier proximity to all of the exciting race weekend experiences including curated food, entertainment and merchandise. 

About COTA: Circuit of The Americas is the premier destination for world-class motorsports and entertainment in the United States. Set on 1,200 acres in the rolling hills just outside downtown Austin, Circuit of the Americas has hosted the biggest names in racing, action sports and music since 2012. At its heart is a 3.41-mile racetrack that was designed to challenge the world’s most exacting competitors while providing a thrilling spectacle for audiences. Circuit of The Americas 9201 Circuit of the Americas BLVD Austin, TX 78617 

More on COTA’s esses: COTA’s esses, or S-Curves (T3-5), are a series of fast sweeping curves with one leading into the next. Each curve comes up quickly after Turn 2, forcings the cars and tires to the limit of their grip, and the drivers to endure massive g-force. Drivers need an enormous amount of strength just to keep the car on the road at over 181 miles per hour before speeding up the hill towards turn 7 and 8. For those cars with superior stability, a lot of time can be made up at these world-renowned S-Curves. For those struggling with stability, lost time could be just around the corner.

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