Peppermint Parkway
November 16, 2022

Wonder Woods: How to find and finesse your favorite fir

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Get the whole house lit up about trimming the tree after a visit to Wonder Woods Discount Tree Lot at Circuit of The Americas’ Peppermint Parkway!

As you wander through Wonder Woods, there will be thousands of Fraser firs, “the Cadillac of Christmas trees,” to choose from. Fraser firs strong needles and long branches provide optimal space for ornaments (visit the Holiday Market in Peppermint Plaza to stock up) and they are famous for their incredible aroma. No need to light a candle anymore, unless you want to roast chestnuts on an open fire, because Fraser firs will fill your whole house with delightful holiday scents.  

There are so many options when it comes to picking the perfect pine, though any from Wonder Woods will do just fine. Some will be skinny, some will be wide, come early to make sure to get the right size! Only have a small nook? Snag a ‘Charlie Brown’ 5-6-footer. Vaulted ceiling? A 7-8ft big green will fill your living room with holiday joy.

Pro Tips

🎄 Toppers can add about 5-7 inches to the tree, so pick the best tree height for your home accordingly.

🎄 If the tree is placed in the corner of a room, broken branches and ‘naked’ areas can be hidden.

🎄 When you’ve laid eyes on the perfect tree, give it a feel – shake the tree lightly. If green needles fall, the tree is dry and needs some love.

🎄 There will be many elves at work to assist in preparing your tree for its journey home. Don’t be shy, when you need help, get an elf!

Once the fir is secured to your car, feel free to explore the rest of Peppermint Plaza. There will be something for everyone in the family: Grab some cocoa at Peppermint Pub, pose for pics at the Mistletoe Kissing Booth, or feed your sweet tooth at the Fudge Shope!

When you make it back home, be sure to fill the tree up with water immediately and keep it away from the fireplace or any other heat sources. Ready for some magic? Mix your tree’s water with Sprite or Coke for the longest-lasting voluminous look. For an extra fabulous flare, large scraps of any fabric you have lying around make a great DIY skirt.

Enjoy the smells, sights, and lights throughout the season. Make sure to come back next year, with the perfect pine as your reason!

*When the holiday season is over, turn your tree into mulch for the garden or bring it to Zilker Park for recycling.

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