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September 23, 2019

We Remember Ron Wattinger

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Ron Wattinger passed away last night. He was the greatest friend and neighbor COTA (or anyone) could ever have. Just as our place was an important part of his life—as he easily made many friends here—he was part of the fabric of ours.

Ron championed the causes of the local children, went out of his way to advocate for an often under-appreciated community, and chose to see the good in people and the world.

Ron was ever-present at all events, as he celebrated life with his friends. Whether it was rock or pop, rap or country, Ron took HIS place overlooking the crowd and as a welcoming presence at his favorite table. Ron introduced us to his family, while warmly and generously letting us be a part of it. He was genuine, funny, passionate, and we are saddened by his departure.

It is only fitting that an amphitheater seat will be dedicated in Ron’s memory.

I know I speak behalf of myself and all of us at Circuit of the Americas when I say Ron will truly be missed.

-Bobby Epstein

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