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December 24, 2019

A Circuit Christmas Eve

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Twas the night before Christmas, and all Circuit’s site
Sparkled and shined in the moonlight so bright.
The doors were locked shut and the gates chained tight,
COTA is prepped for a quiet Christmas Eve’s night.

The Karts and Audis at home in the bays.
Fleet trucks and Gators; the keys in their place.
Cameras held vigil on the track as I scanned
Hoping for quiet and no troubles unplanned. 

When all the sudden came such a noise
Of engines’ high revving and laughter and joys.
I jumped to my feet and rushed to the door
Expecting one trespass…and perhaps two or three more. 

The Tower shone brilliant and Main Grandstand lit, too.
Pit Lane was awash in red, white and blue.
And what did I see, I swear by the stars?
A bejeweled sleigh led by eight gleaming race cars!

It sped through the dark, from the Pit In’s bend
Managing the light’s glare and the cold north wind.
As it passed, I heard the pilot yell loud
The names of the rides as each were called out.

“Now Porsche, now McLaren, now Beemer and Audi,
On Ferrari, on Mustang, go Mopar and Chevy.
For on this night, we mustn’t be late!
Bring it on down to the Circuit’s Pit Lane!” 

With a glide and a screech, the team landed its train.
I heard a backfire or two, and the sleigh set a brake.
Spellbound by the scene, I hid fast near the wall
And could hardly move – was entranced by it all! 

I wiped my eyes, looked again and now saw
The driver right there – very short, not tall!
He bounded out the sleigh, so spry and light.
It was Santa right there, him in my sight! 

He was decked in a race suit of white and of red,
With black polished boots and Arai on his head.
The cargo bin filled with gifts by the score!
And, in the seat a list to whom they’re for. 

Garages one, two and three rolled open their doors
And eight suited elves bolted out toward the cars.
Each one gassed up by Santa’s Elite Pit Team.
Their fuel jugs drained as fast as I’ve seen! 

Santa walked his sleigh, doing tech as he went,
He scratched his head seeing a runner had bent.
“Make a note to repair when we get back.
Likely I’ve missed an apex attack!” 

When done, the elves gathered and fell into line
Anxiously awaiting their boss’ pit time.
Santa tapped his watch and announced with a smile,
“Eight cars in eight seconds… our best by a mile!” 

The elves high-fived and cheered all so proud.
They danced and their steps raised up a small cloud!
After a while the doors rolled down to a close,
And the elves then vanished with a twitch of their nose. 

I gasped then laughed, and Santa turned to see
Me looking at him who was now looking at me!
He gave me a smile and lept to his seat.
“Gentlemen… start your engines!”, he yelled to the team. 

All eight magic motors fired and roared into life,
Each teased revs to their programmed red line.
The team rolled Pit Out and climbed to Turn One
Then bolted straight up as shot from a gun. 

I watched the lights fade as Santa sped out of site,
What could ever top this wondrous night?
He whispered to me words I heard in my ear,
“We’ll see you next time, we’ll see you next year!” 

Merry Christmas from Circuit of The Americas!

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