December 18, 2018

Austin Named Top Grand Prix Destination By Rev Journal Race Weekend Index

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Some say Formula 1 has yet to find traction in the United States, but you wouldn’t know it when visiting Austin, Texas. The United States Grand Prix at Austin secures the No. 1 spot on the Rev Race Weekend Index with an overall score of 26.5. Austin also receives an Editor’s Pick recognition as Best for Music.

Most Formula 1 fans consider attending a Grand Prix a once-in-a-lifetime event. A small percentage will purchase tickets to an F1 race once per year. This raises some serious questions: 

  • How does each Grand Prix experience differ?
  • What is on offer in the host cities beyond the race?
  • Why should I even make the investment when I can watch the race on TV?

The Rev team sets out to definitively answer these questions and more with the Rev Race Weekend Index, showcasing the best of Formula 1 circuits, cities, and culture. Ranking the top 15 race weekends in three crucial categories, the Index evaluates each destination to guide fans toward the Grands Prix that will fulfill their ultimate Formula 1 desires.

The Rev Race Weekend Index aims to define the essential ingredients for a winning race weekend: 

  1. A circuit that offers up the possibility of a competitive race along with plenty of ways to stay entertained (preferably with a local twist)
  2. Top-notch lifestyle options that are easily accessible from the circuit, with an effort made to keep the F1 vibe going citywide
  3. A unique element of Formula 1 culture that you can’t get at another Grand Prix


  1. AUSTIN — 26.5 — Editor’s Pick: Best for Music 
  2. ABU DHABI —26 — Editor’s Pick: Best for Outdoor Vibes
  3. MONTREAL — 25.5 — Best Overall: City Action
  4. MELBOURNE — 25 — Editor’s Pick: Best for Shopping
  5. SINGAPORE — 24.5 — Editor’s Pick: Best for Nightlife
  6. BARCELONA — 24 — Editor’s Pick: Best for Food
  7. MONZA — 23.5
  8. SUZUKA — 23.5 — Best Overall: Circuit Experience
  9. MEXICO CITY — 23
  10. MONACO — 22.5 — Best Overall: X Factor
  11. BAKU — 22
  12. SPIELBERG — 20.5
  13. BUDAPEST — 19.5 — Editor’s Pick: Best for Art & Design
  14. SPA — 18
  15. HOCKENHEIM — 17.5 

View the comprehensive scoring breakdown in the full with the Rev Race Weekend Index.

Circuit of The Americas chairman Bobby Epstein and digital marketing manager Harlow Yaeger, along with The Rev Journal editor-in-chief Magnus Greaves and VisitAustin President & CEO Tom Noonan, share their thoughts on the first annual Rev Race Weekend Index. 

Bobby Epstein, Chairman, Circuit of The Americas: This is a tribute to the great embrace Austin has shown our guests and to the tremendous effort put forth by the thousands of employees and volunteers who work so hard to make the event a success. From the drivers and teams who arrive in Austin with a great spirit, to the fans who are now making the trip to Austin an annual tradition, and the local businesses that show why we are proud to call Austin home, the event has truly become special.

Harlow Yaeger, Digital Marketing Manager, Circuit of The Americas: One of the most satisfying things about putting the USGP on is exposing folks from around the world to this incredible city and everything it has to offer. Austin is as much a part of COTA’s DNA as motorsport, and seeing the two embrace each other year in, year out means the world to us.

Magnus Greaves, Editor-in-Chief, The Rev Journal: Since launching Rev in 2015, the question I get asked most often is ‘Which Grand Prix should I go to?’ So we decided to come up with some answers by diving into the unique characteristics of each event. The Index highlights how the Formula 1 experience differs around the world, which is what makes this such a special sport. Congratulations to all of the category winners and in particular to Austin for finishing as the top overall race weekend.

Tom Noonan, President & CEO, VisitAustin: “The Formula 1 US Grand Prix weekend at Circuit of The Americas has put a global spotlight on everything Austin has to offer, and in a way we never could have imagined. But it’s more than just F1. In 2019 we’ll have our first IndyCar race, to add to a calendar that already includes MotoGP, the Pirelli World Challenge, big-name concerts, driving experiences, and family-friendly events of all kinds. At VisitAustin, we’re grateful for everything Bobby Epstein and his team have done to make COTA a world-class year-round destination that benefits our entire city.” 


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