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February 21, 2017

Volunteer Appreciation Day at COTA

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Events at Circuit of The Americas wouldn’t be possible without the dedication of an incredible group of people who volunteer their time, energy and enthusiasm. If you’ve been to COTA, chances are you’ve been greeted or assisted by a volunteer. Guests’ experiences at COTA hinge upon the upbeat, friendly nature of volunteers.

As pivotal parts of every major event, we view our volunteers as members of our extended COTA family. We were thrilled to thank and reward the dedication of our volunteers with a day of fun at COTA this past Saturday, February 18th. We fired up the go karts for volunteers who spent the most time with us in 2016, and treated the entire volunteer crew to a happy hour.

Over the course of 2016 two particular individuals stood out as consistently going above and beyond for our guests. We’d like to highlight and give special distinction to David Perez and Nina Gonzalez.

Nina Gonzalez – Volunteer of the Year

Nina Gonzalez just celebrated her 5th year as a volunteer with COTA. During the 2016 F1 USGP, Nina was instrumental in helping guests get to and from the Super Stage for Taylor Swift’s Saturday night concert safely. She not only ran 5 miles before even showing up for her pre-dawn shift during the USGP, but she also walked between turns of the track countless times to check on fellow volunteers and our guests.

David Perez – Official Host of the Year

David Perez has always been an example of service with a smile. He puts aside his own needs for his coworkers, almost to a fault. What truly set him apart this year was his proactive engagement with fellow event staff to ensure all those who come in from outside agencies during events to sell Tower Experiences were taken up the Tower. He did this single-handedly with a golf cart, taking numerous trips back and forth to educate his peers.

If you’d like to join the COTA family as a volunteer at events, go here to sign up. We’ll work to get you in a role that fits your interests based on availability.

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