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January 12, 2016

Ann Richards School Students Visit COTA

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As part of our ongoing STEM (Science, Technology, Engineering, and Math) initiatives, Circuit of The Americas played host to 140 8th grade girls from the Ann Richards School on Friday, January 8. The program included a trip up the iconic Tower, a facility tour, and a chance to show off their brilliant young minds by developing race car technology.

Students built small electric cars and raced them in the same garages that host Formula 1 cars during the UNITED STATES GRAND PRIX. After separating into groups, the students analyzed the impact of different ramp angles on the performance of their creations, measuring distance travelled in a competition to develop the most viable model car.

While at the Circuit, the girls also listened to a speaker on the technology underpinning electric vehicles and participated in a hands-on interactive session with COTA staff that included a Tesla Model S and a rare Noble sports car.

COTA’s Director of Sustainability, Edgar Farrera, led the day of programming. “Motorsports are an excellent vehicle to attract STEM students,” said Farrera. “Exposure to the excitement of performance cars and bikes is a great way to ignite interest in topics such as engineering and technology, and COTA is a perfect venue for this!”

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