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August 8, 2015

Cota Interviews Tudor Championship's Jordan & Ricky Taylor

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Ahead of TUDOR Championship tackling Road America this weekend, Wayne Taylor Racing’s brotherly driver duo Jordan and Ricky Taylor sat down with COTA to answer a few questions about food and mullets. Oh, and racing.

You both have almost identical stats in the series: 4 wins, 10 podium finishes and 3 pole positions, but Jordan has led 1,063 laps, while Ricky has only managed to lead a paltry 1,062 laps. What do you think is the cause of this vast difference in performance?

Jordan: Most of those laps have been at Daytona. We’ve led a lot of laps during the 24 hour the past two seasons, but unfortunately haven’t come away with the win there just yet. We use each of our strengths at different tracks, so some weekend I qualify and start and Ricky will finish, and other weekends vice versa. So I think with doing that, we often have similar results.

Ricky: [Laughter] It must be down to Jordan’s smooth driving style. That’s pretty amazing that it’s that close. Usually if the starting driver brings the car into the pits in the lead it sets up the finishing driver to lead a lot of laps as well. So perhaps that is why they are so close.

Racing often runs in the family. Which pair of racing brothers do you think best matches you two?

Jordan: It’s hard to say. We’ve never really been competitive against each other. We’ve always tried to find a way to work with each other to improve on both sides. We always wanted to make a career in racing, so we felt that trying to beat one another was possibly going to hurt the other ones chances of making it. Working together to both improve and get results has worked out great, and I feel we’ve both been able to make a name for ourselves in the sport.

Ricky: I think we most closely suit Kurt and Kyle Busch because we are slightly different personalities. Jordan is quite a big personality on the social media front, although he’s very normal at home. I feel like they both get some bad press and people say a lot about them. But in my little experience with them, they were super cool and normal guys.

You’ve both raced at COTA before. What about the Circuit stands out most to you? How do you like to spend your time when you’re in Austin?

Jordan: It’s definitely one of the nicest racing facilities in racing and possibly the world. The track itself is one of the most technical tracks I’ve ever driven, so it’s a huge challenge for the driver. It’s very rewarding when you manage to put a lap together around there. It’s awesome that the track is close to a major city like Austin. It’s very rare to have a track near a major city like that. It makes the nights between days at the track much more enjoyable when you can stay in a nice hotel and eat great food.

Ricky: The most interesting portion of the racetrack is the esses going down the hill after Turn 1. It’s very fast and flowing, the corners are key to gaining lap time but you have to be very precise about where you place the car. In Austin, the food is awesome, so when we are not at the track we are grabbing some tasty food.

Jordan, do you believe the loss of your mullet has helped or hindered your racing performance?

Jordan: [Laughter] Well, we won the championship in 2013 when the mullet was being grown. Once it was cut after Watkins Glen last year, we had a bit of a rough patch. Thankfully we’ve found our stride again and are back to our winning ways. I’d hate for the mullet to have been the lucky charm, because that was a lot of work!

Catch Jordan (sans mullet) and Ricky and their #10 Corvette DP at COTA September 17-19 when TUDOR Championship and FIA World Endurance Championship return to Texas for Lone Star Le Mans.

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