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February 25, 2015

COTA, Kitties and Cuteness

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Soft and cuddly aren’t two words normally associated with a race track, but we like to be different here at Circuit of The Americas.

In addition to being the Home of The World Championships, Circuit of The Americas is also home to a pack of feral cats that live in the paddock.

Anywhere from two to about a dozen such cats have been seen sneaking around the paddock, sometimes during events while cars are on the track. It is believed they live in a series of drainage trenches that crisscross the paddock.

They are often seen climbing in and out of trash bins looking for food or, like the one seen above, catching a quick nap in plant containers near the media center.

The COTA Cats aren’t the only wildlife that makes Circuit of The Americas its home. The circuit grounds also contain several bee hives, and coyotes, snakes and even a bobcat have been seen roaming the grounds.

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