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April 4, 2014


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Formula One has generated exposure worth $376.1 million for Austin over the first two years of its contract, according to new research by F1 industry monitor Formulamoney.

The race at Circuit of The Americas maintained its place as one of the most high-profile Grand Prix hosts on the calendar in 2013 with its second event generating global media coverage for Austin worth $185.1 million. This builds on a successful first event which generated $191.2 million worth of coverage for Austin, giving an average of $188.1 million per year.

Even though media interest is generally much higher in a race’s debut season, Austin experienced only a 3.2-percent drop in the value of exposure due to the race remaining one of the most popular on the calendar among media and fans.

In a testament to its appeal, the race drew the third-highest Sunday attendance of the season, with an impressive total 113,162 fans visiting Circuit of The Americas. This was more than the attendance for the Monaco, German and Bahrain Grands Prix combined. The United States Grand Prix’s three-day attendance of 250,324 fans put it fourth behind only Britain, Singapore and Canada.

The event was also a big success for F1’s teams as it drew significant exposure for their sponsors. The 161 brands displayed on cars and trackside hoardings during the 2013 race gained exposure which would have been worth $140.6 million if it had been purchased as traditional TV advertising slots.

This total ranks the United States Grand Prix as the sixth best race of 2013 in terms of brand exposure, well above the race average of $124.9 million. This is despite fan interest dropping later in the season due to the early conclusion to the championship when Sebastian Vettel took the crown at the Indian Grand Prix, two races prior to Austin.

The best-exposed brand of the race was F1 global partner, Rolex, which benefited from the prime location of its trackside hoardings on the start-finish straight. This resulted in total exposure for the watchmaker worth $23.8 million, or 16.9 percent of the overall exposure value.

Thanks to Vettel’s dominant victory, Red Bull was the second best exposed brand of the race with coverage worth $19.1 million, followed by Red Bull Racing title sponsor Infiniti on $9.6 million. The top five brands were rounded out by Lotus ($8.9 million) and Mercedes title partner Petronas ($8.5 million).

About Formulamoney:
Formulamoney is the annual data report on the business of F1 containing 220 A4 pages with more than 300 tables. These uncover every aspect of the sport’s finances from a valuation of each current team sponsorship deal to the typical budget for a Grand Prix. The company also provides consultancy services for numerous parties within the sport such as circuits, sponsors and investors.

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