Turn 1

Turn 1 offers fans a front row seat to one of the most iconic turns in motorsports. The circuit rises sharply from the starting grid, climbing 134 feet up to Turn 1. Drivers are then forced to make a blind left-handed turn before heading downhill to Turn 2 in a section reminiscent of the Senna S at Brazil's Autódromo José Carlos Pace. With multiple racing lines available, this will be one of the best places for drivers to pass each other on the circuit, so Turn 1 will see plenty of action during the race.

From the Turn 1 Grandstand, fans also get fantastic views of the Main Straight, the high speed triple-apex stretch through Turns 16-18 inspired by the popular Turn 8 at Istanbul Park in Turkey, and the scenic skyline of the city of Austin on the horizon.

View from Turn 1

Turn 1 seating

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$2,500 PSL
$765 season ticket

$1,500 PSL
$540 season ticket

$1,000 PSL
$415 season ticket

Turn 1 seating

Video of Turn 1