Giving Back

Circuit of The Americas is proud to be part of the Greater Austin community, and the COTA team is committed to giving back to our neighbors and the wonderful people, places and organizations that make Central Texas a great place to live, work and play.

Each year, COTA helps more than 100 local non-profits raise money for worthy causes through the donation of race and concert tickets, COTA on-track experiences and official merchandise. The value of these donations is well in excess of $100,000.


Recently, COTA was honored by the Austin Chamber as a finalist in the Greater Austin Business Awards for excellence in business achievements and community contributions that impact the Central Texas region.

As the largest private employer in the most under-served part of the City of Austin, the single biggest driver of out-of-state hotel visitors, and a global flag bearer for our City, COTA is also a quiet but significant contributor to the local community. 

The Circuit of the Americas has a profound impact on the immediate community as well as the City overall. In addition to financial donations, COTA donates their venue to help student and community organizations. These initiatives include: 

  • COTA regularly hosts class tours with a focus on STEM (Science Technology Education, and Math) education – combining class work exercises and real life examples. 
  • COTA provides space and support for high school engineering programs like F1 in Schools (for high school students), and to middle school STEM programs such as those organized by the Ann Richard’s School for Young Women. 
  • COTA provides track access to the UT Solar Car team for testing their vehicle and has hosted the college solar car championships.
  • COTA has been home to collegiate engineering events such as EcoCar, supported by the Department of Energy.
  • COTA has hosted clean energy fairs and talks for the community during the biannual collegiate Formula Sun Grand Prix.
  • COTA donates event space for job fairs, community meetings, and fundraisers. 
  • COTA hosts a summer camp for disadvantaged and “at risk” youth, providing meals and air conditioned rooms.  
  • COTA’s Germania Insurance Amphitheater proudly sponsored The Austin Music Award’s Margaret Moser Women in Music Award in 2019. 
  • COTA provided the Red Cross a staging area for rescue operations.
  • COTA donated water and provided free distribution space when the City had a water contamination.
  • COTA regularly provides 1000s of free tickets to Del Valle School children during major race and sports events.  
  • COTA donates their medical facility for local law enforcement and EMS training, ensuring that active local facilities do not need to be burdened or temporarily closed.
  • The Circuit of the Americas and the Germania Insurance Amphitheater provide jobs to more than 100 local high school students.
  • The Circuit of the Americas has a hiring policy that places a priority on hiring disabled and mobility-impaired employees. The Company provided more than 500 part-time jobs to disabled workers.  
  • The Circuit of the Americas provides each employee three fully paid weekdays off of work to volunteer in the community. These hours may be divided up on a weekly or monthly basis, so as to allow the employee to get involved with a program or project of their choice. By allowing each employee to follow their passion, COTA spreads its impact throughout a broad spectrum of needs. 
COTA Cares - Hurricane Relief - Volunteers Help


Circuit of The Americas receives thousands of requests for support every year. If you are seeking a charitable contribution from COTA, please read carefully through our philanthropic mission. 

Circuit of The Americas’ mission is to benefit organizations who meet the following criteria: 

  • Focus on meeting the needs of U.S. veterans, military families, and local law enforcement; 
  • Support “at risk” youth; and 
  • Support mental health awareness, prevention and treatment throughout all communities of persons. 

If your non-profit organization does not fall into one of the categories above, please know that we may be able to assist you in future years as our giving parameters rotate to additional worthy causes.

Thanks for helping us make Austin and Central Texas a one-of-a-kind community!


Thank you for your interest in Circuit of The Americas. At this time we are accepting requests for charitable donations. All donations will be considered on a case-by-case basis. COTA will not grant requests for cash donations or sponsorships.

Due to a considerably high volume of requests, please follow the procedures listed below regarding charitable requests:

  • All donation requests must be made in writing on company or organizational letterhead.
  • Requests must be received at least eight weeks prior to your fundraising event.
  • All requests MUST include ALL of the following information:
    • Date, time, and anticipated attendance of the event
    • Event website address
    • Anticipated campaign raise amount for this event
    • Annual campaign raise amount last year for your organization
    • Contact name (within your organization), email address, and phone number
    • Non-profit tax exempt identification number

Donations will be considered based on the following criteria:

  • Mission of the event
  • Social responsibility of and/or impact of the charity
  • History of the event and organization
  • Location of the organization
  • 501(c)(3) Non-Profit Status – Must provide a valid tax exempt identification number with the written request

All requests for charitable donations must be made in writing and mailed (or emailed) to:


Email:  [email protected]

Please note: requests will not be accepted via phone conversation, text message and/or fax.