Peppermint Parkway
November 15, 2022

Two Holiday Candies Under the Tree: The Origin Story of Pepper & Mint

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Once upon a time, there was a little curly-haired child named Penny who lived in the city of Austin, Texas. Though the people of Austin celebrated the holidays, often it was under a fan rather than beside a fireplace. Penny’s family roasted beef rather than marshmallows and participated in menorah races rather than sled races.

While many of Penny’s friends wished for unicorns and sugar plums, little Penny dreamt of having a racetrack, of fast cars, booming engines, and unforgettable experiences. To her dismay, however, Penny thought, “Austin is so weird compared to the North Pole! How could cheery old Santa ever know about us?”

One night, she could think of only one thing to help: Penny wrote Santa Claus a letter. Only, she realized belatedly, she wasn’t sure how to get it to him. She needed help! “Maybe if the perfect holiday guide would appear, my letter would be sure to make it to the North Pole and I could ask Santa for the perfect track,” Penny thought.

And so, night after night, week after week, Penny hoped, and wished, and believed a holiday guide would appear. On the third Thursday of November, as the clock struck midnight, the child was greeted by a noise like a sparkler and the flash of two twinkly lights. The glows shimmered around and around, swirling faster and faster before they popped! The crack echoed in Penny’s house and in the circling lights place was not one, but two peppermint candies!

Two swirls of red and white, one with a bow and the other a top hat, stood jauntily before Penny. Penny froze in wonder and joy, finally – finally! Someone had appeared!

Penny said, “Howdy, friends! How do you do? You’ve come to help me, but who are you?”

The candies spoke, one at a time, first the candy with the bow, “I’m Pepper!”

Then, the one with the top hat, “I’m Mint!”

And Pepper continued, “You wished and believed and so we are here!”

“How can we help, young friend? Is there a snowman to build? Shall we cruise down a hill in our very own sled?” asked Mint.

“No, Pepper and Mint! We have no snow and no sled. I only want to get my letter to Santa, to make sure it’s read,” declared Penny.

Pepper and Mint looked at each other with a smile, “Well, of course! We’d be delighted. We’ve been looking for a job all these years and this sounds like something we’d pursue. We’ll take you and your letter to he who makes dreams come true!

And so, having been brought to Austin by a child’s deepest wish, Pepper and Mint decided to return annually to the very track brought to life by Penny’s wish, the track she called Circuit of The Americas.

It was one day, many years later, Penny sat at her favorite café at the track, Blue’s Bistro. She looked around to see families enjoying the racing, entertainment and endless delights her racetrack had to offer. Penny realized how much her dedication to just one thought, one dream, one wish, could spread joy—all because she was brave enough to follow her heart.

Penny’s track hosts thousands and thousands of people every year. Each holiday season, Circuit of The Americas brings lights and a fair called Peppermint Parkway, where Pepper and Mint, faithful as ever, collect letters to Santa from every dreamer.

The elves who stop by are sure to say, “Pepper and Mint are here for you, ready to bring Holiday cheer with their red and white hue.”

Happy Holidays to all, and to all at Peppermint Parkway a good night!

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