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COTA Karting Leagues


Duke it out for on-track supremacy in a Grand Prix style showdown, complete with podium ceremonies and on-going championship standings! When you join the COTA Karting League, you will compete weekly over the course of a five-week race season.

Competition takes place in our CHAMP class, the crown jewel of COTA Karting with speeds up to 55MPH. Drivers must be at least 14 years old and 58’’ to participate.

Summer Karting League Starts July 7th

$350 for the 5-week series. Register on-site or email


Spring 2021 Schedule



Summer 2021 Schedule

The 2021 Summer Karting League will occur on the following nights:

  • Wednesday, July 7th
  • Wednesday, July 14th
  • Wednesday, July 21st
  • Wednesday, July 28th
  • Wednesday, August 4th


  • Please arrive fifteen minutes prior to weigh-In.  If you are late your spot may be sold.
  • No refunds are issued for missed sessions, underperforming karts or inclement weather.
  • All racers will attend the drivers meeting before hitting the track. Please adhere to any instructions prior to and during your race.
  • Close toe shoes, closed face helmets, and neck braces are required for all racers.
  • No bumping in corners (bump drafting is allowable on straights prior to corner entry).
  • No reckless/dangerous/un-sportsman like driving will be tolerated.
  • Consumption of alcohol before driving is strictly prohibited.
  • Poor behavior or foul language will result in loss of karting privileges.
  • Participants must abide by all Flags and Digital flag guidelines.
  • All drivers must come to a slow, controlled stop on track if the red flag or red lights are shown.
  • No passing under caution (Yellow) or Red conditions.
  • No cutting the course (if forced off course you must re-enter track safely with minimal impact to those on track)
  • Track limits are the “outside” white line. Four wheels IN the red is allowable but touching the outside white or clipping apex barrier is exceeding track limits.  If an advantage is gained, you must slow to give up position or to prevent a fraudulent lap time. Failure to comply will be penalized harshly.
  • Track limits not enforced at exit of turn 8 and turn 15.
  • Crossing the timing loop is your responsibility. 
  • Do not exit the kart until instructed to do so, and do not remove safety gear until clear of track or pit lane.


How much does it cost to register for the league?

Participant registration for the five-week league costs $350 per person. 

What time does it start on race days?

  • 5:15pm – Driver Meeting, Registration
  • 6:00pm – First Heat

What are the individual weight classes?

There will be three weight classes offered:

  • Lightweight: 150lbs or less
  • Middleweight: 150lbs – 190lbs
  • Heavyweight: 190lbs or more

How old/tall do I need to be to register? 

Drivers must be 12 years or older to participate and at least 58” tall.