Experience Formula 1 from the best seats in the house with Premium Grandstands. Witness all the action from the Main Grandstand, be a part of the legendary Turn 1, watch the descent at Turn 2, soak up the most exciting moments of the United States Grand Prix at Turn 15 or cheer with thousands of fans at Turn 19. Our grandstands offer comfortable permanent chairs - each with seat backs and cupholders – spectacular views, and easy access to concessions, merchandise and parking.

These tickets include access to the Germania Insurance Super Stage Festival Lawn for the concerts on Friday, October 22 and Saturday, October 23.

TURN 2 — FROM $549

NEW IN 2021! Secure your spot at Turn 2—the perfect place to see it all! Watch as drivers gain control of their cars as they descend from the iconic Big Red (Turn 1), take a sharp right-turn and head straight into the winding esses.

Type Price Suggested Parking Seating Map Buy Now
UPPER LEVEL (ROWS 13-24) $599+ LOT T Seating Map
LOWER LEVEL (ROWS 1-12) $549+ LOT T Seating Map


Grab the ultimate seat on the Main Straight right on top of the start and finish lines. In addition to great views of the starting grid, pit lane, and team garages, the Main Grandstand sits right in the shadow of the iconic Big Red (Turn 1), the vertigo-inducing left-hander that's challenged the greatest riders in the world since COTA was founded.

Type Price Suggested Parking Seating Map Buy Now
CLUB $1,425+ LOT T Seating Map
MEZZANINE $1,205+ LOT T Seating Map
LOWER $765+ LOT T Seating Map
TRACKSIDE $655+ LOT T Seating Map


There’s a reason Big Red has already become legendary around the world. This menacing 133-foot incline challenges drivers like nothing else in Formula 1 and offers unbelievable views of the entire Circuit. From the highest point on the track, you’ll see the start of the race and you’ll watch as drivers brake from almost 200 mph to maneuver this tricky corner lap after lap.

Type Price Suggested Parking Seating Map Buy Now
UPPER LEVEL (ROWS 21-29) $743+ LOT T Seating Map
MIDDLE LEVEL (ROWS 11-20) $622+ LOT T Seating Map
LOWER LEVEL (ROWS 1-10) $501+ LOT T Seating Map


Surround yourself with the most avid fans in Formula 1 while you take in views of five of COTA's most challenging corners in the stadium section. The Turn 15 Grandstand gets you a stunning view of the back straight, where drivers will max out at their fastest speed before diving into Turn 12. Many races across many different series have been won and lost in this crucial sector of the Circuit.

Type Price Suggested Parking Seating Map Buy Now
UPPER LEVEL (ROWS 25-34) $743+ LOT F Seating Map
MIDDLE LEVEL (ROWS 13-24) $622+ LOT F Seating Map
LOWER LEVEL (ROWS 1-12) $492+ LOT F Seating Map


NEW IN 2021! Located mere steps away from the Grand Plaza, the Turn 19 Grandstand is in the heart of all the excitement! Enjoy easy access to your seats and amazing sight-lines of Turn 18, 19, and 20. This grandstand is positioned in the final sector of the circuit where drivers have their last chance to make a pass before heading into the finish. 

Type Price Suggested Parking Seating Map Buy Now
TURN 19 GRANDSTAND $350+ LOT F Seating Map